2019-2020 United Twirling Team Tryouts
This year, we will not have our usual 1-day tryout.  Instead,
we will be watching the girls for the first few weeks of practice
to determine how to best divide them into teams.

When: Every Monday, beginning Sept. 16, 6:00-8:00pm
Registration: 5:45-6:00pm, Monday, Sept. 16
Where: Oakwood Baptist Church gymnasium
What to wear:  practice clothes, tennis shoes or twirling
shoes, hair in ponytail or bun
What to bring: Baton(s) & drink
Below is a general guideline for team requirements:
Tiny Tot: No skills required; all team members must be 7 or younger for
competition season (cannot turn 7 before January 1, 2019)
Primary: One spin, Sit trick, flat one spin, basic exchanges
Juvenile: 2 spin, toss illusion, flat 2 spin, toss cartwheel
Junior: 3 spin, toss illusion, flat 3 spin, toss cartwheel
Senior: 4 spin, one spin reverse illusion, double reverse illusion/double walkover

These are a loose guidelines for what we will be looking at for each team.  
Depending on the number of girls, we may have more or less teams than those
listed above.  
These are not tricks that must be perfect at the beginning
of the year, but you should show the potential to be able to do them.  
FAQ's (More information can be found by clicking on the "Team
Info" link and downloading our Team Handbook.)
What are the costs involved for team members?
A list of anticipated costs can be found by clicking on "Team Info."

When do the teams practice?
All local team members must attend weekly technique and gymnastics classes
held on Monday nights.  These classes are designed to improve individual skills.  
Each group will also have a separate team practice where the group routine will
be choreographed and perfected.  Each team has a different practice schedule:
some of our teams practice on Monday nights, other teams practice another
weeknight, and some of our teams may only practice one weekend a month until
competition season begins (March).  

What if I don't live in the Chattanooga area?
We often have team members who do not live in this area.  These girls are
placed on teams that practice on the weekends only (if possible).  You should
contact Tracy Hughes at unitedtwirling@aol.com to find out if this is a possiblity
for you.

Do the teams travel for competitions?
Yes.  Each year, our teams compete at the TN Memorial Open in March, the
USTA Tennessee State Championships in May, and the USTA Southeast Region
Championships in June.  Our year will be complete at the USTA National
Championships in July.
Team Registration Form:  Click here to submit your team registration form online.  

Registration Fee:  There is a $25 registration fee per family (i.e. sisters twirling with our program only pay one
registration fee).  You can pay at tryouts or pay now via PayPal using your PayPal funds or credit card.

USTA Membership:  All team members must be members of the US Twirling Association.  You can become a
member or renew your membership online at www.ustwirling.com, or fill out a membership form at tryouts.
Team Details